Specimen Holders (our own design, for Dimension AFM)
These holders significantly extend the capability of the Dimension 3000 and 3100 AFMs.

Model MV-1 . Mini-vise general purpose sample holder for Dimension AFM.
Recommended for holding odd-shaped and large objects , including parts up to 50 mm diameter and 30 mm height. For example, use the MV-1 for microtomed cross-section specimens mounted in epoxy blocks, SEM stubs, metallurgical specimens in round blocks, chunks of large machine parts (such as piston rings), or for silicon chips, thin polymer sheets, etc. Sample sizes listed above are for use with the 150 mm diameter chuck in the Dimension 3000/3100 AFMs. Maximum sample height may be different for other AFMs. Specimens are held between vise jaws. The clamping force is adjustable using finger screws.
This is our personal favorite, based on frequent use for our customers’ analysis projects.

MV-1 Mini Vise
MV-1 in use (holding metallurgical mount).
Another example of MV-1 in use (holding SEM stub)
MV-1 oblique view

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Model TT-1. Tilt-table for Dimension AFM.
Helps you scan wedge-shaped specimens whose top surface would be tilted if mounted flat. Model TT-1 provides approximately +/- 4 degree tilt adjustment. TT-1 has a built-in magnet to hold specimens mounted on a steel disk. Mount specimens on normal steel disks (12 or 15 mm diameter) or other magnetic material up to 22 mm diameter can be used. Maximum specimen thickness is about 10 mm including the thickness of the steel disk.

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SH-1 SEM Stub holder for Dimension AFM.

Use Model SH-1 to hold SEM pin ounts and BEEM blocks in the Dimension 3100 and 3000 AFMs.

Model SH-1 Stub Holder
Top view, with specimen mounted on a type “A” SEM stub.
Stub holder mounted on Dimension sample chuck.
Side view.

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