AFM Probes

AFM Probes (all susbtrates are separated.  I.e. probes are ready for use)

All AFM Probes are compatible with NanoScope equipment and most other brands of AFM.

Silicon Probes for Tapping mode in Air

  • Silicon Probes for Non-Contact or Tapping Mode AFM (each piece has 1 cantilever), new
  • Silicon AFM probes, practice grade.  Low cost probes
    • Uses include
      • Learn setup and operation at lower cost
      • Mount particles on cantilever or tip (where extreme sharpness of the original probe is not critical)
  • We provide convenient, small quantities of probes. (No need to purchase entire wafers.)

Silicon Nitride Probes for Contact Mode (Air and Liquid) and for Tapping Mode in Liquid

  • Silicon Nitride AFM Probes, Standard Type (each piece has 4 cantilevers with different spring constants), New
  • Silicon Nitride AFM Probes, Oxide-Sharpened Type (each piece has 4 cantilevers) New
  • Silicon Nitride AFM Probes, Practice Grade 1 or more cantilevers on each piece has been used or removed).

Additional Technical Information about Silicon Nitride and Silicon AFM Probes

  • Definitions:
    Substrate:  The body of the probe
    Cantilever:  A flexible beam which extends in plane from the substrate
    Tip:  The sharp point which protrudes vertically from the cantilever
    Probe:  The complete object, consisting of substrate, cantilever(s) and tip(s).
  • Typical Substrate dimensions (length, width, thickness)
    Silicon Nitride:  3.6 X 1.7 @ 0.5 mm
    Silicon:  3.5 X 1.6, @0.4
  • Tip Shape-Silicon Nitride
    Nominal tip radius of curvature:  20-60 nm (“standard”), 5-40 nm (“Oxide-sharpened”)
    Overall tip shape:  square pyramid with half angle (center axis to face) 35º

Approximate force constants for Silicon Nitride Cantilevers:

Cantilever Type k (N/m)
Narrow Legs
k (N/M)
Wide Legs
100 micron triangular .38 .58
200 micron triangular .06 .12
  • Tip Shape – Silicon
    Nominal tip radius of curvature:  < 10 nm
    Overall tip shape:  complex pyramid with nominal half angles
    steep wall type:  about 17º side 25º front, 10º back
    symmetric type: about 18º side, 15º front 25º back
    Force constant:  about 40 N/m
    Resonant Frequency:  about 300 kHz
  • STM Probes:
    Our existing stock is reserved for sale with STM equipment.  The information below is given for reference only.
    Probe Diameter = 0.010″ (.25 mm).  Fits standard NanoScope tip holders.

    • Pt-Ir NanoTips for STM, new – mechanically-formed tip, best tip for atomic scale imaging (e.g. on HOPG). Prob length = 7-8 mm (0.25″ nominal length
    • Pt-Ir NanoTips for STM, used (suitable for practice or re-work)
    • CG tips for STM – tapered geometry, etched tip with a radius better than 50 nm.  Best tip for nm to micron scale imaging.  Probe length 11-12 mm

Note:  Probe length varies.  You can cut shorter to suit your application.

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