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Leaders in Atomic Force Microscopy since 1990

Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc is your source for all your Atomic Force Microscopy needs: Analytical services, repair, equipment, and supplies. Our products and services include:

Repairs and upgrades for your NanoScope® AFM system.

Our experienced technicians can make a wide variety of repairs to NanoScope AFM systems including Automated AFMs. We have an extensive supply of replacement parts, including for systems no longer supported by the manufacturer. In addition we can provide new AFM control PCs.

Used and Refurbished NanoScope AFM Systems

We buy and sell used NanoScope brand AFM systems including Dimension, Multimode, STM, Automated AFM,and small sample AFM. All systems are refurbished and thoroughly tested before shipment and are covered by our standard warranty.

Analytical Services

We offer our own services as experts in the field to analyze your samples in our in-house AFMs. We can apply our extensive range of analytical techniques to solve problems in understanding your samples, how their surface structure affects their function, to help you solve problems, shorten development times, and improve quality. We’ve worked with many industries and helped many people and businesses. We can help you too.

Calibration Samples, Probes, Measurement Software, and other Supplies

We provide supplies for use with your own AFM systems. This includes a wide variety of calibration references and standards with standards traceable to the International Meter. We provide a variety of different types of AFM probes. We also provide our own DiscTrack Plus Media Measurement System, originally developed for the optical disk industry, but also valuable wherever the size, shape, and spacing of grids and arrays of microscopic structures is important.

Consulting, Expert Services, and Training.

We are experts in the field of Atomic Force Microscopy. Want to get the best out of your system? We can help. Our experts can answer questions and provide training in NanoScope operation and understanding of NanoScope images and the variety of imaging modes available. This includes providing expert testimony in legal cases.

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