ASM Buys and Sells Used (Second-Hand) NanoScope AFMs

This page contains links to several pages describing used (second-hand) NanoScope equipment we have for sale and seek to buy.

ASM buys, refurbishes, and sells and installs used AFM and STM equipment.  The equipment shown on these pages is representative of what he have bought and sold in the past.  Similar systems are generally available, but current stock may not match the exact configurations shown here.

Ask us for details of currently available systems.

Would you rather fix what you have then buy?  We also repair NanoScopes.

Equipment we Sell

Equipment we buy

Reference Information

Items we have sold (Contact Us for availability):

  • Dimension 3100 and 3000 Atomic Force Microscopy Systems
  • Nanoscope IIIa Control Station
  • MultiMode AFM.
  • Small Sample Contact AFM for use with any NanoScope Controller
    • A, D, E, and J standard scanners
    • E and J vertical engage scanners
  • Small Sample STM Heads for use with any NanoScope Controller
    • A, C, and D size scanners.
  • OMV-Fine (Special Video Microscope) system specifically configured for use with the top view AFM (Multimode or small sample Contact Mode AFM)
  • STM Converters

How to identify NanoScope Equipment.

The Major Components of a NanoScope Scanning Probe Microscope are:

  • Control Station, consisting of a workstation and controller
    • Workstation:  PC with command and graphics monitor(s) and software for realtime microscope operation and offline data analysis.  Includes interface to the controller
    • Controller:  Analog and digital electronics that drive the microscope.
    • Optional:  Additional electronics box (such as the “Phase Box” or Electronics Extender) for advanced scanning modes such as Phase and Surface Potential Imaging.
  • Microscope:  The AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) or STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscope)

All Microscopes include a base, scanner, and sensor.  In different models, these basic items are found in different physical components.  See the table below:

Small sample AFMs (contact mode and MultiMode)Contains stepper motor and electronics.  Supports scanner.Contains piezo element.  Supports and scans the sample.“Optical head” includes laser, photodiode, tip holder, XY translation stage (some models)
Small sample STMContains stepper motor and  electronics.Contains piezo elements and electronics.  Holds and scans the probe.Included in scanner.
Dimension AFMSupports scanner and sample stage.  Contains stepper motors and electronics. Dimension 3000 is supplied with external lamp, power supply and vacuum for sample stage.  In Dimension 3100 AFM, those items are integrated in the Dimension 3100 controller.Contains piezo element and optical sensor.  Holds and scans the probe.Included in scanner.
BioScope AFMA special adapter plate supports the scanner.  A separate box contains electronics to operate the scanner.Same as Dimension scannerIncluded in scanner.

to Summarize:

A complete system = Control Station + Microscope
A control station = Workstation + Controller
A Microscope = Base + Scanner + Sensor (Sensor may be included in the scanner)

Why Buy from ASM

Since 1990 we have bene providing skilled analytical services specializing in Atomic Force Microscopy and related techniques.  We have made significant scientific contributions in AFM.  Since 1993, we have been buying, refurbishing and selling, second-hand NanoScope AFM’s and related equipment for customers around the world.  All the equipment we sell is tested and repaired as needed to meet our professional standards.  We provide skilled techinical support to our customers, covering both instrument operations and application advice.

What Customers Say

“I thought the AFM purchased by Molecular Reflections was an excellent instrument.  No surprises.  I also think that you and your colleagues wanted us to succeed, not only in getting the instrument functioning but beyond, in terms of guidance for techniques and such.  I would highly recommend Advanced Surface Microscopy as a source for renewed equipment.” – Dr. Boyce Collins, USA.

“I always thought it was a great idea to have a company that sells used SPM equiment.  Advanced Surface Microscopy provides an excellent service to the SPM community with its products.” Prof. Ricardo Garcia, CSIC-Madrid Microelectronics Institute, Spain.