David L. Burkhead, Senior Analytical Scientist


David L. Burkhead received his BS in physics in 1997 at the University of Akron, where he received his first introduction to scanning probe microscopy. After graduation he came to work at Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc as an Analytical Scientist. Since then, he has done over a thousand Atomic Force Microscopy analytical projects.

In addition to his analytical duties, David L. Burkhead is the lead programmer behind Advanced Surface Microscopy’s DiscTrack Plus Media Measurement System, Magnetrak, the DTP Advanced Image Processor, and several custom software projects for data analysis. Mr. Burkhead has conducted field service and repairs of NanoScope Atomic Force Microscopes, works on AFM repairs and testing in Advanced Surface Microscopy’s facility, both customer repairs and refurbishment of units for sale, and conducts remote troubleshooting and training.