Our Products

At Advanced Surface Microscopy, we provide a number of products for users and potential users of Atomic Force Microscopes.

Used and refurbished AFMs.

We buy and sell used NanoScope brand AFMs including Multimode, Dimension 3000, Dimension 3100, Dimension 5000, and more. All the systems we sell are thoroughly tested and refurbished to ensure you have a quality working system. In addition, we can come to your site and provide installation and training so that you can start getting results quickly.

NanoScope Control PCs

Is the computer running your NanoScope AFM getting long in the tooth? Is it failing or has it failed? We can provide a replacement PC set up specifically to run your existing NanoScope system. All PC’s are thoroughly tested and configured so you can plug them into your system and get started immediately.

Microscopy Supplies

We sell calibration specimens, both references and traceable calibration standards. We sell AFM probes, various specialized sample holders and more. Need something to get the most from your AFM? Give us a call.