Sophisticated Tools to Simplify Analysis

  1. The user can specify control limits on measurements.  Measurements that are out of spec in the results are highlighted.
  2. Graphing results is easy.  Visibly see correlations between one measurement and another.  With DiscTrack Plus’ flexible analysis package you can quickly hunt down critical parameters and recognize their effects:
  3. Our unique FeatureFinderTM, a sophisticated tool for data inspection, lets you instantly find the defects that cause measurements to be out of specification.  With a double click on a graph point…

    …the software displays the image with the feature highlighted, along with a three dimensional view of the feature and all the measurements of the feature highlighted

  4. Identify all the features measured:
  5. Automatically convert variation in feature length into its jitter equivalent:
  6. Record trends:
    And graph them: