A Tale of Two Bumps

Can you tell these two DVD bumps apart?

DiscTrack Plus Can.

DiscTrack Plus measures hundreds of features automatically to identify subtle differences.  This is important because changes in the production process vary pit size, shape, and placement, characteristics that affect the playability of Blu-Ray and newer formats, now and to come.

DiscTrack Plus allows you to isolate and quantify the effects of key variables, giving you the tools you need to tune your process fast and accurately.

You can build your process on our precision.  In our patented procedure, DiscTrack Plus uses measurements of the calibration reference, a holographic grating, to correct the measurements made on the test specimen (your disc). In an experiment using one grating as the calibration reference and a second, independently fabricated grating as the test specimen, results showed that individual pitch measurements were accurate to better than 1 nm, with precision that corresponds to .04 pixel (1 standard deviation) in the original AFM image.

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